"TONYMOLY is the no.1 digital powered beauty and health platform, that always stays by our customers.

I’m Bae Hae-dong, the Chairman of TONYMOLY, the global beauty company that helps you create your own lifestyle.
I would like to welcome and thank you all for visiting TONYMOLY’s official website.

Since its foundation in 2006, our company has seen steady growth by quickly identifying customer needs and offering the best products that are in line with the trend. We are trying our best to return the love from our customers through TONYMOLY, a street culture brand with city streets as a motif and in pursuit of a joyful and free lifestyle; CONCHIC, a sensuous makeup brand, and; Dr.OHKIMS+, a cosmeceutical brand created by dermatologists.

My idea on the creation of TONYMOLY starts with “communication”. Since the early days, we’ve been striving to never forget this principle. We’re investing ceaseless endeavors and passion to protect the beauty of our customers. We are still in growth thanks to the high-quality and reasonable price of our products that have been recognized beyond Korea and across overseas markets, with a fun and creative design, trend product planning, and vertical integration of cosmetics business.

With the arrival of the 4th industrial revolution, strengthening digital capabilities is not a matter of option anymore but an essential process. TONYMOLY gathered all of its capacity into digital innovation, and put a new vision of “global beauty company to help you create your own lifestyle” at the forefront to step up as a beauty and health platform company that satisfies its customers.

While COVID-19 has pushed the entire world into a chaotic crisis, I believe that a time will come when we face a new daily life, just like the way the warmth of spring follows the harsh cold. As the CEO of one of the companies to represent K-beauty, I will stand by your side in our fight against such hard times by doing my best to create a pleasant beauty culture filled with joy.